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Mobile TFM

Observing the needs of our customers, we introduced a mobile TFM project. From now on, you don’t need to have dozens of machines or opt for a full-time TFM service. We carry out the full range of TFM i.e. preparation of full documentation, monitoring, laboratory analysis, top-ups, cleaning of machines according to schedules, filtration, reporting, warehouse handling, handling of waste management during visits several times a month. It is up to you to decide in what time frame we should support your activities.

Lubricant and oil management is a management area that covers the entire life cycle of lubricant and oil in the context of industrial production processes. This includes the purchase, storage, supply, use and recycling of lubricants and oils. Effective management of these resources is critical to ensuring machine reliability, minimizing breakdowns and reducing operating costs.

Increased durability of machines: Improving the quality of lubrication and proper oil management allows machines to last longer, resulting in less downtime and repairs.

Optimization of consumption: TFM makes it possible to accurately determine the amount of grease and oil required for specific applications, helping to reduce excessive wear.

Increasing energy efficiency: Improved lubrication can significantly reduce friction and energy consumption, which lowers operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainability: Effective lubricant-oil management fits in with the goals of sustainable development by reducing waste and recycling used oils.

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