Graphite agents

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FORG LUBE AG product series

Water-soluble lubricants for forging and hot stamping based on water-graphite dispersion. They have been designed to improve the metal flow process and provide optimal lubrication to extend the tool life. FORG LUBE AG products are designed to produce a solid lubricating film at the operating temperature.
  • Excellent lubricating properties
  • It perfectly produces a permanent lubricating film and has excellent coating properties
  • Long service life of the lubricating film
  • Low residue after firing
  • Safe for employees – does not contain harmful ingredients
Forg Lube AG products contain a package of additives to prevent the formation of bacteria and fungi and are extremely stable. They ensure long-life systems without the need for cleaning
FORG LUBE G product series

Colloidal water-soluble lubricants based on mineral oil containing graphite. FORG LUBE G products are used mainly where it is required to separate and protect die surfaces in steel and copper alloy forging processes at different temperatures. The use of an appropriate additive package provides the FORG LUBE G series with improved surface wetting properties and provides excellent limit lubrication when it is necessary. FORG LUBE G are especially designed for difficult forgings with a deep structure and difficult dragging processes, where the quality of workpieces and durability of tools is an important element. They have been specially developed for processes where safety and smoke emission reduction are of great importance.
  • The content of high-quality graphite contributes to the increased protection of punches and dies
  • Excellent for dies with hot spots/areas
  • High surface quality after forging/dragging
  • If properly used, it does not cause buildups on the dies
  • Low emission of fumes

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