Cleaning agents

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Basic cleaning agents available in the form of liquid or powder. Used to remove impurities from a metal substrate, usually found in steel and metalworking industries; cleaning agents for steel surfaces and non-ferrous metals. The cleaning products created for the entire plant will help to improve the plant’s performance while simplifying operations to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

METALCLEAN family is composed of cleaners and degreasers formulated with water solutions or organic solvents, intended to provide the metalworking industry all types of degreasing and disinfecting solutions for pieces and circuits, working both in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, at different temperatures and with any application system.
METALCLEAN products meet the following functions:

Remove residues from pieces that have been machined or formed with soluble or straight oil products.

Facilitate chip and fine removal from the piece, for an optimal further treatment or storage. Also make possible their mechanical removal from sumps and circuits when they are used as machine cleaners.

Corrosion protection of the piece thanks to the incorporated additives. Also protection of circuits in the case of machine cleaners.

Decontaminate machines and circuits of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.
  • Suitable for any metal and different washing temperatures.
  • Compatible with further processes and treatments.
  • Better cleaning and disinfecting quality.
  • Better anticorrosion protection after washing.
  • Low foam generation.
  • Better performance of the diluted product-in-use without production stops.
Meets different environmental and safety standards.

Free of toxical compounds.

Different application systems: Spray, Dipping, Sprinkler, Brush.

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