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We perform comprehensive cleaning of machines:

  • washing equipment,
  • foundry machinery,
  • turning, milling centers,
  • central systems,
  • other

We also offer comprehensive service of coolants and washing liquids.

In addition, we provide:

  • ongoing maintenance of lubricating, washing, cooling and hydraulic systems in machinery
  • ongoing maintenance of lubricants – coolants, oils
  • documenting the activities carried out: reports, oil balances

For other information, see Offer – Technical support – Technical service

We perform cyclic measurement of coolant parameters, i.e.: working concentration value, pH value. If necessary, depending on the indications of the parameters of the coolant, measures are taken to: improve the condition of the coolant, failures or unscheduled stops, improve working conditions (taking care of the health of operators).

Given, correct coolant parameters have a huge impact on:

  • the quality of the machined parts,
  • tool durability,
  • energy consumption,
  • concentrate consumption,
  • employee health.

We offer a range of high-quality products for many applications (metalworking, metal casting, forging, woodworking). We are an authorized distributor of American Quaker Chemical in Poland.

The equipment we have is high quality:

  • mixers,
  • level sensors,
  • oil separation,
  • filtration devices.

To meet the needs of our customers, we are able to design and manufacture personalized industrial equipment.
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We provide technical advice on optimizing industrial processes. We develop the scope of activities and review schedules ourselves, we summarize our work with reliable reports. On an ongoing basis, we conduct the necessary research and measurements to streamline the process, improve efficiency, minimize losses and detect irregularities at the source. We counter unscheduled downtime. We look for the most advantageous technological solution for our customers, and we can perfectly manage the continuity of production by inspecting and analyzing the condition of machines and the viability of spare parts.

We are engaged in the implementation of technology in production plants that allows to improve the process – increase productivity, minimize losses, prevent downtime. Process improvement is achieved through the use of closely matched process equipment and proven, high-quality products.

Outsourcing lubrication management includes comprehensive services for handling coolants, lubricants, oils and cleaning fluids.

If you face such problems in your daily work as:

  • lack of a structured clear work schedule,
  • too many different lubricants in use,
  • no clearly designated organizational unit responsible for oil management,
  • poorly defined lubrication requirements for machinery and equipment,
  • no history of service work performed,
  • lack of supervision of the quality of coolants of hydraulic, lubricating or cooling systems,
  • poorly selected lubricants and/or low quality of lubricants,
  • service tasks performed by unqualified personnel.

The solution to the above problems may be to entrust oil management (TFM) to our company offering services by highly qualified personnel and using modern equipment.

The main goal of TPM is to increase the stability of production processes, as well as to extend the service life and reduce maintenance costs of machinery and equipment. When TPM is conducted properly, it improves efficiency, reduces the risk of breakdowns or unplanned downtime. A well-designed maintenance plan and well-trained operators provide the foundation for achieving the maximum possible efficiency.

We have a well-trained technical and consulting department. Our specialists have many years of experience in production maintenance. We can diagnose and solve any problem.

For details, see Offer – Technical Support – Preventive Maintenance & Innovative Solutions

Our laboratory performs analyses in accordance with Quaker Chemical procedures and is specialized in testing the parameters of machining fluids. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows it to quickly reliably determine the condition of coolants. We perform basic analysis and packages to determine the condition of the emulsion.

For more details, see Offer – Technical Support – Laboratory

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Industrial Solutions Group Ltd. has been operating in Poland since 2013. We specialize in optimizing production processes. Our service range is primarily aimed at plants looking for advanced technical support, comprehensive service and high-quality products. Our products are used in foundry and metalworking, as well as forging. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we established the Innovative Solutions division in 2017. Passion, commitment and experience allow us to design and build modern, innovative equipment tailored to the individual needs of our customers. We create for clients what they need so that their time and resource input is optimized. The most important thing for us is customer satisfaction and the feeling of a job well done.

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