Gear oils

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The primary function that gear oils perform is lubrication, or the reduction of friction between mating components. Trans Lube oils contain high-performance additives formulated to reduce friction and dissipate heat to prevent, among other things, premature system wear, corrosion, scratching and chip formation. Our formulation provides the required thermal stability under extreme conditions, high speeds and heavy loads.
  • Excellent load carrying capacity, avoids component wear and tear

  • High mechanical stability ensures grease life in the component even under harsh operating conditions

  • Provides rapid separation of water and air

  • Compatible with many sealing materials

  • Has additives to prevent oxidation and foaming

  • High filtration ability

  • Very good passivation properties

  • High resistance to aging, protects oil degradation during long period of use

All specifications for gear oils take into account their performance characteristics, such as oxidation stability, anti-corrosion properties, emulsification resistance, seal compatibility, evaluation of anti-wear properties and load-carrying capacity. Most agents contain EP and AW additives, sometimes MoS2.

When choosing a gear oil, it is still worth considering the type of gearbox, speed, reduction ratio, operating temperature range (especially the lowest and highest temperatures), transmitted power, tooth contact area, load characteristics, control and lubrication method, water content in the oil, possibility of lubricant leakage. Significant specifications such as PN-80/C-965056, DIN 51517 part 3 (CLP), ATSF-FT 158 should also be followed.

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