Non-graphite agents

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FORG LUBE GF product series

Water-soluble, colourless lubricants for forging and hot rolling. FORG LUBE GF products are made of substances of synthetic origin and contain a mixture of corrosion inhibitors and a biocide additive. FORG LUBE GF produce a layer of lubricant on a die with high resistance to high temperatures, while other products lose their effectiveness. These products have been designed to improve the flow of metal and provide optimal lubrication to extend the life of the tool. For use in both automatic presses and hammers, for aluminium and steel.
  • Excellent lubricating properties because it creates a permanent lubrication film between the die and the metal, resulting in excellent flow even in the most difficult shapes
  • Low residue level on the mould
  • The mould is easy to be cleaned hot
  • Effective in very difficult conditions, especially at extreme temperatures

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